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How Build Income Streams Reselling Products Online

How Build Income Streams Reselling Products Online

In today’s economy, people are nervous about their future. With hourly cut backs, benefits being slashed, and increased job insecurity, what can people do to build income streams?

An extra “income stream” is simply another avenue by which you can receive money from. A monthly garage sale might be an income stream for example. An extra job is another income stream and so on.

Did you know that you can easily create income streams online for relatively nothing but a few hours of your time? Many people, including many of your friends and acquaintances do it all the time and are quite successful at it. Yet, there are still a few tips that can help you stay on the path for success. I will provide some more information at the end of this email, but here are seven tips for you to consider now:

Change your thinking – The fact really is that millions of people are generating income every single month and you can too by having a small online venture. While there are many “poor” programs out there, if you stick with a reasonable approach to any new idea, you will be okay.

Choose a low cost product and sell high – You can always be a reseller of a variety of items and sell them on your website. But you should choose products to sell that are low in cost to you and provide the greatest margins of profit. Often these products are information based – software and e-books.

Create Perceived Value – Why not offer a few free products with your product? This adds a little sweetness to the deal, leaving your customers feeling great about their purchase. It’s also a great way to embed your contact information in your freebies.

Create mini-sites – a full-blown website may not be what you need. A single one or two page site detailing your single product can help you increase sales. A single mini-site will help you market towards a specific niche.

Create an email list – if you are just starting off your list is probably at zero. That’s okay nobody is born with a 100,000 member email list. You have to start somewhere and a good place is with your website. If you want to build a list, consider placing an “opt in” email subscribe button on your website with on the many services out there. In addition, give away an “extra” freebie to entice website users.

Look at trends – the best way to see if your product is working is to look at the trends happening around us. What are people buying? What are people using? When people wanted to buy a CD player, what did they also want? CDs! When people are buying tablet computer devices, what are people buying? Tablet cases and e-books!

Choose a product you resell – the best way to make money quickly is take a product with rights (private label rights) and reseller it. With informational products like computer software and e-books, you can generate nearly 100% profits. By no means is this the only page you’ll be visiting today. However you can still leave with a personal gift that’ll make a direct impact on your income.