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How To Keep Your Temperature Home More Cooler using Evaporative Air Conditioner

One of the problems often experienced at home is ventilation that is not what you want. Some of you may think that this problem can be solved by adding artificial ventilation. However, did you know that the ideal home is one that has natural ventilation? This is an important element that needs to be prepared properly so that you get comfortable in your activities without excessive use of artificial energy. Let’s take a look at some of the following tips that you can apply to keep your home temperature cool.

Use Dark Colored Curtains

30% of the hot air you feel indoors comes from sunlight entering through windows. To reduce unwanted heat, you can get around it by closing the curtains on your windows. These efforts can reduce temperatures by up to 20oC. Alternatively, you can add bamboo blinds or bamboo blinds on the outside of the window, which is exposed to direct sunlight. If that doesn’t work, you need to double check the curtain color you are using. It would be better if you use dark colored curtains because of their nature

Use Bright Colored Paint

Unlike the color choices for the curtains, using dark colors to paint your house will actually make the room temperature even hotter. Dark colored paint has the property to absorb heat faster, so the room temperature will also increase. Meanwhile, paint with bright colors will reflect heat. Before making your choice, you need to know that cool and beautiful house paint colors are colors that have a calm and fresh character such as light green, light blue, light yellow, bluish white, navy blue, and other bright colors.

High Ceiling Planning

Generally, the ceiling of the house has a height of 2.5 to 3 meters from the floor. However, the higher the ceiling, the better the air circulation in the house. Good air circulation will create coolness in the room. Too low a distance between the ceiling and the floor tends to make the room feel stuffy and the temperature hotter.

Avoid Excessive Use of Lights and Electronic Devices

The use of lights and electronic devices will generate heat while operating, so using too many lamps and electronic devices will increase the temperature in the room. The easiest way to reduce the heat in your room is to turn off lights and electronic devices that are not in use or use these tools only in the morning and evening. Alternatively, you can replace the use of incandescent lamps with fluorescent lamps or better known as fluorescent lamps. The energy use of fluorescent lamps is more efficient than incandescent lamps. However, fluorescent has a brighter light.

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Adding Green Open Space

Having a special room filled with home conditioning plants will provide many benefits for your home. Green plants will convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and help improve the quality of the air that enters the house. Not only will it be cleaner, the air that enters will also be cooler. Some plants that can absorb pollution and dirty air are aloe vera, chrysanthemums, lily of Paris, bamboo palms, rubber trees, and various other plants. Applying a green open space in the middle of your residence can create the impression of a beautiful and cool home.

Use Cross Vents and Grille

Improving ventilation can also be done by making cross ventilation. More than one opening is required in a room in opposite positions. This is done so that air circulation can continue to flow. Avoid the opening distance that is too close or exactly opposite, so that the wind rotation is not too fast. If you do not have enough costs to make openings, you can add grids at the top of the doors and windows to every room, especially those that are directly connected to the outside of the room. Doing both of these things can create a cool home with proportional ventilation.

Use the Right Material

Determining the right material for each element of your home building is an important step that must be taken from the start. The two main elements that play a role in creating comfort are the roof and windows. The roof as an element that is more exposed to sunlight will have the greatest influence on lighting and ventilation. Make sure you use the right type of roof to make the house cool naturally.

Using a grass roof

By making not on the top floor is indeed one way to get more open space on land that is classified as limited. However, you should know that concrete can transmit more heat than tile roofs. Therefore, the room under the concrete roof will feel hot. Now, to cool the room under the concrete, usually the architects will coat the concrete with grass. With the presence of this grass, the sun’s heat will be absorbed so that the room’s heat will decrease by itself.

Because of its location at the top, grass construction is a little more complicated than planting ordinary grass. The important thing in using a grass roof is that there are 3 layers that need to be made on top of the concrete, namely the growth media (soil), the drainage cavity and the waterproofing layer.