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Which Type of Safe Should I Buy for My Home?

Which Type of Safe Should I Buy for My Home?

Being familiar with the different types of home safes makes it easier to choose the best one for your home. Though the many options available in the market can be overwhelming, Secure Safe makes the process less daunting for you. Here are some different types of safes you can consider buying for your home:

Wall Safes

A wall safe is fixed into your wall, just as the name suggests, and offers great protection of your valuables. When correctly installed, wall safes are incredibly difficult to remove from their location which is important in maximising security.

Wall safes are easily concealed behind wall paintings, panels or cabinets. They are also located at an elevated level from the floor which makes it easier to access them. If you are looking for a safe that presents no obstruction, a wall safe may be a good choice.

Floor Safes

Just like wall safes, floor safes are immobile and unobstructive. They are built into the floor board or cemented into the basement. The location of a floor safe makes it inherently secure against burglary.

A floor safe can be concealed beneath a rug, mat or piece of furniture. An average burglar spends about 9 to 12 minutes in a home and would hardly consider such spots. You are also not limited in terms of space should you choose to buy a floor safe.

Waterproofing is, however, important when it comes to floor safes. They can withstand fires but the water used to extinguish the fires may damage the safe contents. The ceiling above the floor safe should also be in good shape before the safe is installed.

Free Standing Safes

Free standing safes are generally affordable and relatively cheaper than floor and wall safes. Their door and wall construction is, however, much heavier which makes them more immune to burglar attacks.

Many free standing safes have fire ratings with up to 2 hours of fire-rated resistance. The downside of free standing safes is that they are harder to conceal. You also have to bend over to run the dial combination or electronic lock.

Fireproof Safes

Fireproof safes have an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rating and can resist up to 350 degrees fires. They are a great contribution in storing vital documents that are hard to replace. A fireproof safe is an intelligent investment that allows you to simultaneously protect your valuables from fire and theft.

Gun Safes

Gun safes are safe for keeping your guns and hunting weapons away from your children as well as from thieves. If interference by children is your only worry, you may not have to worry about fire resistance.

Highly secure locking mechanism is an important addition to a gun safe which is usually tall and narrow. If you have a valuable collection of guns, you may consider buying a safe that offers protection from theft and fire.

Jewellery Safe

If you have fine jewellery that is invaluable, investing in a jewellery safe may be necessary. The interior designs of most jewellery safes are delicate and appealing while the exterior are made of heavy duty steel.